WTF: There Are Over 300 People In The US With The Name 'Abcde'

by Sean Levinson

Among this week's onslaught of tragedy was a 7-year-old autistic girl who was turned away from a mall Santa because of her guide dog.

Yet even more strange than a Santa rejecting someone is the girl's first name: Abcde.

The name is pronounced "Ab-si-dee," and it turns out there are 328 people with the same name living in the US.

It's a relatively new name, which explains why the average age for these individuals is 7-and-a-half, and only 11 of them are currently over the age of 18.

A record 32 babies were given the name in 2009, but it has been on the decline ever since.

Vocativ looked to the Social Security Administration database to find parents have bestowed this oddity upon their children in the US in every year since 1996.

The first Abcdes were named in 1990, with all five of them born in Hawaii.

One would deduce the name descends from the Hawaiian language, but this doesn't seem to be the case because the Hawaiian alphabet doesn't include the letters B, C or D.

Blogger Name Lady says Abcde is most common in New Mexico and is predominantly used by Latino families.

One of the biggest problems these 328 people will face is how often their name is used as a pseudonym, especially on social media.

Name Lady said there are 861 Facebook users with Abcde in their names, often pairing it with something like Lmnop or Edcba.

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