11-Year-Old Absolutely Destroys Her Dance To Big Sean's 'IDFWU' (Video)

Hip-hop dance sensation Taylor Hatala is back, and this time, she has a message: She don't f*ck with you.

OK, so that might not be her message, but it is the song she performs to, alongside dancer Larsen Thompson.

Without a doubt, this is Hatala's best moment yet: The choreography (by Janella Ginestra) is badass, and perfectly suits her sort of spazzy, sporadic (but perfect) dance signature.

And unlike most of Hatala's dance videos, which are short  —  around a minute long  —  this time, we get to watch the talented (pre)teen kill it in a full-length music video for nearly four minutes.

Your mind is about to be blown. Check it out.

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