Is my Wordle streak gone? Migrate your stats to ‘New York Time’s' version.

How To Save Your Wordle Streak As You Play On The ‘NYT’ Site

All is not lost.

by Daffany Chan
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Wordle fans, listen up, because there’s a change to the daily word game that could seriously affect your plays. The New York Times’ version of Wordle officially dropped on Feb. 10, which means you’ll be playing the fan-favorite game on a new website, but what does that mean for all your Wordle wins so far? Since it’s an update from the old platform, you may be wondering: Is my Wordle streak gone? Here’s how you can migrate your OG Wordle stats to The New York Times’ game page.

One common problem that users couldn’t stop tweeting about was that their stats and streaks didn’t transfer from the original Wordle website to the new New York Times’ Wordle page. Of course, since many players tackle the word challenges on Wordle daily, it’s safe to say they weren’t so happy when their records seemingly disappeared overnight.

The New York Times addressed the issue in a Feb. 11 tweet, explaining that users’ stats — games played, win %, current streak, max streak — from the OG site “will not go with [them]” automatically if you try to play in the new NYT Wordle page (aka accessing the game directly from However, The New York Times shared a simple solution for anyone looking to transfer their Wordle streaks.

First, per the tweet, you’ll need to “open the old URL last used to play Wordle,” which you can access by heading to the OG Wordle website. When you open the OG Wordle website where you last played it, it’ll “automatically redirect” you to the new NYT Wordle page — the redirect should also move over your Wordle stats, so you should now be able to see your existing streaks.

It’s important to use the URL where you’ve always played Wordle, since, according to the New York Times’ official World FAQ, “game game data is stored locally on your browser.”

If you have more questions regarding migrating your game statistics or streak on Wordle — including what to do if your stats didn’t transfer correctly — you can check out the full NYT Wordle FAQ. For example, if your stats show up, but your streak looks incorrect, you can fix that by solving the current Wordle game available, and it should recover your OG streak.

Now that you know how to move over your streak from the old Wordle platform to the new NYT version, you’ll be ready to continue racking up those scores on the daily word game.

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