Women Could Be Arrested For Sexual Abuse After Twerking On This Man (Video)

Police released a video showing two women twerking on and sexually fondling a male stranger.

Footage captured in a Washington, DC convenience store on October 7 shows a woman wearing a very revealing dress preparing to pay for her items while her friend, also in a tight dress and heels, walks behind her.

A male customer is seen talking on the phone behind the first woman before she backs up and proceeds to twerk on his crotch.

He backs away, but the other woman approaches and repeatedly touches his crotch, chest and back.

The man tries to walk away, only to be followed by the second woman, who continues to touch him and even tries to kiss him.

Washington, DC's Metropolitan Police Department posted the video on YouTube yesterday seeking help from the public in identifying the women, both of whom are currently wanted for third-degree sexual abuse, Daily Mail reports.

According to New York Daily News, DC statute says a third-degree sexual abuse offense involves inappropriate contact, as well as "threats putting the person in fear of death, bodily injury or kidnapping."

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