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Two Women Disguised Themselves And Filmed Inside ISIS-Controlled Al-Raqqah

Two women risked their lives by creating a short film about the Islamic State-occupied city of Al-Raqqah, Syria.

The women, referred to as Om Mohammad and Om Omran to hide their real identities, used hidden cameras and altered their voices to prevent detection, which would reportedly lead to death by stoning.

Their film, "Inside Raqqa," features the pair discussing regular horrors they experience as well as a tour of the ravaged city in its winter season.

Buildings look like they are about to crumble, and armed men patrol the streets.

The filmmakers visit a cosmetics store where even the faces of women on boxes of hair products must be covered.

A trip in a taxi reveals radio stations play songs that praise the militant group and its leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

The taxi driver also explains the penalty for picking up a woman traveling alone in Al-Raqqah, where women are not allowed to work, go to school or leave the house on their own.

Om Mohammad and Om Omran dream of returning to the normal style of dress they enjoyed before the militant group took over their home and forced them to cover their entire bodies.

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