Women Of All Ages React To ‘She Was Asking For It’ In This Moving Video

The newest installment of Cut Video’s “One Word” series asks 33 women ages 18 to 50 to take part in a word association exercise upon being prompted with the phrase, “She was asking for it.

It is chilling that, despite their differences in age and race, every single woman featured seems to make a correlation between the prompt phrase and the act of rape.

As each woman responds, it becomes clear she relates the “it” of the phrase not only to sex, but sex of a forcible, non-consensual nature.

One woman breaks down the phrase, which has sadly become a recognizable colloquialism in America, by mentioning the physical attributes commonly referenced by some to bolster the argument.

She says,

A woman should be able to wear a short skirt or a low-cut top if that’s what makes her feel comfortable without being told that she was 'asking for it.'

Another woman shares, quite simply,

No one’s ever asking to be raped.

The video acts as a mini social experiment that, in just three minutes, is able to measure the prevalence of rape culture in our society without once mentioning the R-word in its prompting phrase.

Unfortunately, “She was asking for it” is an excuse adult women of all ages have heard and are tired of hearing.