This Is The Exact Age Most Women Start Making Less Money Than Men

The gender pay gap just gets worse when you hit 32, according to new research.

So that's it, ladies in your 20s: Save up your money while you can because by the time you hit 32, men will be out-earning you. No more going drink for drink with guys and no more splitting the bill because you make the same amount of money right now.

This is about long-term investments, my friends. You need to be paying attention to this.

At age 32, it will all get worse, and you want to be ready for it.

Basically, what happens is this: Age 32 is just about the age when people start getting major promotions. But women don't get promotions because sexism is still a thing that exists.

So then, those promoted men get higher salaries. Voila: We women are making significantly less money.

At 31, women are making about 90 percent as much as 31-year-old men. At 40, women are making about 82 percent as much as 40-year-old men, according to the new research.

To be clear, the gender pay gap DOES exist when you're younger. It just gets worse as you get older.

The researchers made it clear that this gap widens not because of women dropping out of the job market, but because of factors like getting passed over for promotions. They say it's driven by the "Manager Divide," in which more men get managerial positions.

Now that you know this information, you can be proactive about it. Because let's face it: The world is terrible, and it's not going to help you. You have to help yourself.

Like I said earlier, start saving your money like, yesterday. Educate yourself on how savings and investments work, and get on that as much as you can.

Then, ask for a raise. The worst that can happen is your employer will say no.

As time goes on, ask for a promotion. If a position opens up, throw yourself at it. Be active.

Opportunities are not going to present themselves to you. You have to present yourself to the opportunities.

Basically, everything is bad, and it's only going to get worse. So, take care of yourself and the other women around you.

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