This Woman Was Thrown In Jail Just For Having Really Loud Sex

by Zara Barrie
Screen Gems

You want to hear something that makes me feel slightly jarred and sick to my stomach?

A 25-year-old Pennsylvania woman has been jailed for having sex too loudly. I mean, granted, it was so ferocious it shook her neighbors' furniture and she did apparently threaten them when complaining, which is pretty intense and disrespectful, but really? Jail is the answer? And I'm not talking just a 24-hour stint in the slammer.

Amanda Marie Warfel pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct this past Wednesday and was sentenced to 45 to 90 days in York County Jail for having loud sex, which she has already served, having been jailed on March 22 of this year. However, she is currently being held for another case of which the details are not yet clear.

Police say her neighbors, who shared a wall with her, have been dealing with the issue for two years.

According to Abc News, Warfel expressed in her hearing that she "just wanted to go home and regretted her neighbors weren't in court because she wanted to apologize to them."

Honestly, should a woman be thrown behind the steel bars of jail for having furniture shaking-ly loud sex? Recklessly tossed into the jail cesspool with real criminals because of a crime like this? I don't know.

I think our girl would be better off with a bit of old-fashioned counseling so we can get to the root of her real issues, so our tax money isn't incessantly poured into jailing young women who clearly have psychological issues.

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