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Five Women Got Into A Fist Fight On A Plane, And A Passenger Filmed It

A fight broke out on an airplane on Wednesday after two seemingly drunk women started blasting music from a boombox.

According to NBC News, Spirit Airlines released a statement saying two women who "appeared to be intoxicated" whipped out the stereo during a flight from Baltimore to Los Angeles yesterday morning.

Several passengers reportedly asked them to turn the music down, prompting the women to hold the boombox up and wave it around.

The airline said the two women also asked the complaining passengers,

What are you going to do?

When the flight landed, three female passengers approached the women with the music, and a fight broke out.

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Airport police spoke to the five women for about an hour before releasing them, NBC reports.

The FBI also investigated the brawl, but no one involved will face criminal charges, according to an FBI spokesperson.

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