20-Year-Old Warns About Domestic Violence After Her BF Tears Her Throat

Knowing when a relationship has gone from argumentative to abusive is hardly an easy task.

For Kate Friday, however, this moment of enlightenment came when her now ex-boyfriend physically attacked her, tearing skin from her mouth after driving his fingers down her throat.

The Liverpool Echo interviewed Friday, 20, who claimed her then-boyfriend, Kyle Newby, had been sending her threatening text messages before things got physical.

Newby's behavior escalated quickly, entering domineering, almost proprietary territory when he started telling her whom to spend time with and how to dress.

Rather than allow the attack to serve as a setback, the Liverpool Hope University student seized the opportunity to reach out to her peers and aid them in distinguishing violent relationships.

In a Facebook post Friday shared, she said,

If anything good can come from my situation it will be to warn other young people of abusive relationships before it's too late. Because of my age, I didn't think anybody would take me seriously, I thought that because I was so young that nobody would listen. I was wrong. Seeking help was the best decision I ever made. I have moved on with the help and support of so many people and I am finally in a place where I can say I am happy, healthy and strong.

Those hoping Newby will face jail time may be disappointed to learn he is not set to do so, but he will reportedly take part in a mandatory program aimed at “building better relationships.”

Hopefully, Friday's brave decision to share her experience will have a large, positive impact.

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