This Woman Says A Man Threw Semen At Her While She Was Going To Work

Having never been to Mumbai, India, I find it difficult to imagine what the daily commute might be like. For one woman, the struggle went beyond garden-variety traffic and road rage.

While stopped at a traffic signal on her way to work, Mehak Sabat was approached by a man who allegedly threw a mystery liquid at her.

Assuming it was water, the media company manager wiped the liquid off with her bare hand and realized the liquid was actually semen.

In an interview with BuzzFeed, Sabat shared,

I was horrified to find semen sticking to my skin and my immediate reaction was to wipe it off... In the past I have had men peer into the auto and throw water so I thought something similar had happened this time too.

Sabat attempted to locate her semen assailant, but traffic had picked up again and he was out of sight.

She wasted no time sharing her disappointment and confusion on Twitter.

Fellow users showed support because what the hell is up with throwing semen, honestly?

One user attempted to justify the attack by commenting on Sabat's colorful hair.

Further investigation by yours truly revealed GoonerAlexis95 owns a blue velvet jacket and, therefore, lacks a leg to stand on when reprimanding others about style choices.

Smooth, Goon-dawg.

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