Woman Tweets A Request For Weed, And Police Have The Perfect Response

by Eitan Levine

I like police who playfully troll stoners on Twitter. We need more police like this.

As technology and social media grow, so do the number of ways we attempt to get buzzes going.

That brings us to Rosa_Sparkz, a self-described "twenty-something" with the best civil rights/weed pun username on the planet -- besides @WEBDubies, @CorettaPotKing and @HarrietNugman, obviously.

Being the Millennial she is, Rosa took to Twitter to see if anyone could help her out on her quest to score some pot.

Somebody bring me weed. I'll pay for it — Goddess (@Rosa_Sparkz) July 21, 2015

Aside from going up to the DEA headquarters with a "Take Me To Your Dealer" sign, this is probably the worst way to get drugs.

The tweet didn't go unnoticed, and the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office social media team decided to have some fun with Ms. Sparkz.

Where should we meet you? — PBSO (@PBCountySheriff) July 21, 2015

Rather than deleting the tweet and trying to get some weed through other outlets, Rosa_Sparkz stayed true to her username and stood up for what she believed in.

Come to ga you fuckin pigssss I'll have a blunt waiting for you RT @PBCountySheriff: Where should we meet you? — Goddess (@Rosa_Sparkz) July 21, 2015

People saw the tweet, and Rosa began to garner a small group of fans.

@Rosa_Sparkz Your a Legend. — Felipe Ruiz (@xfeliperuiz) July 23, 2015
@Rosa_Sparkz you are the real MVP — Sarah bear :3 (@sarahsofat_) July 22, 2015
@Rosa_Sparkz props to you, man — Stephanie Carson (@stephaniiee23) July 22, 2015

Soon, Rosa got giddy over getting a little recognition.

I'm famous Yall!!! — Goddess (@Rosa_Sparkz) July 22, 2015

She also learned sometimes the view from the top isn't always the sunniest.

I even have haters now that don't even know me. Omg #thisislove — Goddess (@Rosa_Sparkz) July 22, 2015

Rosa tweeted how she thought it was hypocritical for people to be calling her out for her marijuana usage.

It's 2015. I can't believe the views some people still have on a plant whose sides effects are hungry, happy, and sleepy. — Goddess (@Rosa_Sparkz) July 22, 2015
The same people talking bad about about a plant are the ones popping prescription pills with the gallon of vodka. — Goddess (@Rosa_Sparkz) July 22, 2015

Unfortunately, the police department never responded, and the story died down.

The story does have a happy ending though.

In a since-deleted tweet, Rosa said she did end up getting some marijuana.

Also, the police department announced it arrested this person:

Home Health Care Worker #BUSTED for pawning high end jewelry from victims who trusted her. — PBSO (@PBCountySheriff) July 22, 2015

So, I guess all's well that ends well.

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