Woman Stabbed By Ex Over Ring Texted Dad Moments Before Death: 'Call Me ASAP'

With their engagement broken, Julia Martin's ex was supposed to just take his ring back.

Instead, he ended up taking both of their lives.

The incident happened at around 7 pm on Friday night in Martin's Chicago apartment.

Martin's ex-fiancé, 35-year-old Rodney Harvey, broke through her door and stabbed her multiple times, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Afterward, he jumped from her apartment to his death.

But Martin didn't die immediately.

Not only did she call police, she began calling friends and family in an apparent final cry for help.

According to the Tribune, however, her father, Derrick Martin, didn't check his messages until "much later."

When he saw the text, it read: "Call me ASAP."

The devastated father told the Tribune,

Not only did she call me, she texted me while she was going through all this. She was calling everybody, saying that she wanted help.

By the time she did receive help, it was too late. After being transported to the hospital, Martin was pronounced dead shortly past 7:30 pm on Friday, the Tribune reports.

Martin happily showed off the ill-fated engagement ring in the above Facebook photo from July 2015.

She was a graduate of Michigan State University who worked as a supervisor in the human resources department at her job. A Detroit native, she was described by her father as an ever ambitious woman.

He told the Tribune,

She was strictly into her career, always striving for greatness. She was never satisfied being stuck in one position, she always tried to get higher and higher and higher.

Martin's death tops off a period of whirlwind hardships for her father. His wife, Martin's mother, died two years ago, and his mother, father and brother died recently as well.

Now he will have to bury his daughter, all because of a breakup gone wrong.

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