Woman Says She Makes $25M Every Year By Selling People's Stuff On eBay


Being broke will lead anyone to wonder, at least once,

While this thought may linger for a moment, it is often shot down with a sneaking suspicion of,

*Stares at a blank wall for two hours.*

First world worries aside, making money online selling everyday knickknacks is within anyone's reach, according to eBay millionaire Linda Lightman.

Since founding Linda's Stuff 15 years ago, the mother of two now reportedly turns a yearly profit of $25 million, and she insisted, in an interview with Daily Mail, success online is easily attainable.

The Philadelphia resident shared,

Lightman began her endeavor slowly, selling items like clothing and shoes she no longer wore.

She recalled,

When friends began to enlist her to do the same for them, Linda's Stuff began to take shape as a real business.

Lightman said,

Come 2006, the former New York attorney led a fleet of 20 employees in a 5,000-square-foot office.

Of her company's day-to-day operations, the saleswoman explained,

Now, working out of a 93,000-square-foot office space, Lightman claimed her unexpected online triumph led her down a greater path than she could have ever imagined as a lawyer.

She insisted,

Hear that, kids? There IS someone out there who wants your "Ninja Turtles" action figures and old denim jackets. Get to sellin'!

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