Woman Wins $500K Suit Against Chipotle After She Was Fired For Being Pregnant

Is it really so difficult for big companies to make accommodations for pregnant women? I'm asking honestly because this woman had to sue Chipotle for discrimination after her manager fired her over her pregnancy.

Seriously, my blood just boils every time I hear about this nonsense. Roughly half of the population can get pregnant at some point, so let's all get on board with accommodations as a society. Anything less is absurd.

OK, no more rants; back to the story.

According to the Washington Business Journal, Doris Garcia Hernandez became pregnant in 2011 while working at a Washington, DC Chipotle. Once Doris told her manager, referred to as David in her lawsuit, he reportedly started imposing restrictions on her and not on any other employees. (That's textbook discrimination, by the way.)

The lawsuit alleged,

David reportedly fired Doris in the main area of the Chipotle a day after she left early for a pre-natal appointment, even though she repeatedly requested to be given permission.

Jonathan Smith, the executive director of the Washington Lawyers' Committee, which helped Doris file the suit, said,

Thank you, Mr. Smith, for helping Doris fight back against the ridiculousness that is pregnancy discrimination. Pregnant women are literally carrying the future. The absolute least we could all do is not fire them.

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