A Woman Was Thrown Into Jail Without Pants On For A Past Shoplifting Charge


A woman who was incarcerated in Louisville for not finishing a diversion program after being charged with shoplifting in 2014 was thrown into jail without any pants on.

The woman was in custody without a regulation jumpsuit or female hygiene products for three whole days.

When the inmate's lawyer told Jefferson District Court Judge Amber Wolf what had happened, she wasn't exactly pleased to hear a female inmate was treated in such a way.

When the inmate told her she wasn't given any pants, the judge can be seen throwing her pen down and saying, "Is this for real? This can't be."

She wasn't going to take the news lying down. In a video released to the public, you can see her picking up the phone on her desk to dial up an officer in charge to see who was responsible for not providing the inmate with trousers.

The inmate can be seen standing in court in a T-shirt and a pair of shorts. She said she was wearing the same clothes she came into the jail wearing.

Wolf then asked officials in the court if they could give the inmate something to cover up with.

"Anything?" she asked.

Dwayne Clark, the Metro Corrections deputy, brought the inmate some clothes and told her she should have been given a jumpsuit.

When asked why she wasn't given clothes, Clark said he had to "look into" why she wasn't provided with one.

The inmate was supposed to receive a jail sentence, but the judge chose to change her sentence in light of the situation. She gave her a $100 fine instead.

The judge said to the inmate,

I'd like to extend my deepest apologies to you for the way you've been treated while you've been in my jail, it is not normal.

Well, at least someone is looking out for her.

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