Melissa Postello Burned On Date By Hot Costa Coffee Tea

Melissa Postello's date was too hot to handle. But unfortunately for her, I'm not talking about the dude.

The 23-year-old woman was out with her fella when she suffered first, second and third degree burns all over her legs and groin from a cup of tea.

It happened after she ordered from a drive-through in Sheffield, England, on October 14.

The car made a sharp turn, and the whole cup tipped over on her lap. She said,

I was with my date and we went to the Costa drive through at about 6:30 pm. When we took a sharp corner, I lost my grip and the scalding hot tea splashed on me. I remember saying "pull over" and feeling like my legs were on fire.

Her legs began to blister, and she left her date to go home so she could sit in a cold bath.

But the pain wouldn't go away, so she was taken to a hospital.

Melissa got in touch with the coffee giant days later via Facebook and asked how hot it serve its drinks.

She wrote,

Wondering how hot you serve your tea? I accidentally spilt a cup on my lap and now I have 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree burns. Too hot if you ask me.

A spokesperson for Costa replied,

Ouch, are you OK? We use a water heater for tea, it will be hot but shouldn't be boiling. Where was it from?

Melissa gave details of the incident and the spokesperson asked her to get in touch via email.

She added,

Costa has said that they will investigate the branch, but I just want to warn people that this can even happen. I never expected anything like this to happen. At home, I've spilt a little bit of boiling water on myself, and its hurt but it hasn't been anything like this.

A spokesperson for Costa said it's investigating the incident.

As for her date? Well, she won't be seeing him again after he said Melissa would be "fine" when the burns happened.

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