22-Year-Old Blows $90,000 Meant For Tuition And Blames Parents For It


A college student spent the entirety of a $90,000 fund set up by her grandparents, and she's now broke heading into her senior year.

According to Yahoo! News, 22-year-old Kim revealed her mistake last week on Atlanta-based radio broadcast "The Bert Show."

While describing how she blew through the money in just three years, she said,

Kim then proceeded to blame her parents for not properly warning her of the consequences of such ignorance.

She continued,

Kim had no idea how she would pay for her final $20,000 in tuition payments.

Co-host Jeff Dauler suggested she get a job, possibly in the cafeteria, to which Kim replied,

Yahoo! News notes this particular remark was especially brutal for co-host Kristin Klingshirn, who worked three jobs to pay for college.

Of her parents, Kim said,

She said she promised to eventually pay her parents back if they loaned her the money, but the proposal was rejected, Mashable reports.

Instead, they offered to cosign a loan as long as Kim got a job.

She called "The Bert Show" again on Thursday to say she is currently looking for work but experiencing great difficulty since she apparently never had a job.

Kim vowed she would "make this work," however, and is "hustling" like never before.

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