These Wine Bottles Wrapped In Short Stories Make For The Coziest Night In

There's nothing I love more than cozying up with a bottle of wine and a good book.

In fact, I'd probably choose a Friday night in with a glass of Merlot and my favorite novel over a weekend clubbing spree almost every time... especially with winter being right around the corner.

To my surprise, the wine gods finally made it easier for me to pursue my favorite pastimes simultaneously... by combining boozy bliss with literature.

By "gods," I mean the employees of Matteo Correggia winery in Italy. They recently created a line of wine bottles wrapped in short stories. The line is called Librottiglia, and I need one of those bottles immediately.

According to a feature in Town and Country, the Matteo Correggia winery worked with design company Reverse Innovation to create wine bottles with short stories attached to the labels.

Apparently, the stories attached reflect the type of wine you're about to indulge in. There are also exactly two glasses of wine in each bottle... just enough to get you through the story. (I'll be sure to buy two or three at a time.)

There are reportedly three authors who helped contribute to the short narratives: Patrizia Laquidara, Regina Nadaes Marques and Danilo Zanelli. 

Each writer wrote one story in the collection, and readers (and drinkers) can choose from any of them. The stories are "The Frog in the Belly" by Laquidara, "I Love You. Forget Me" by Marques and "Murder" by Zanelli.

It looks like there's definitely something for everyone. I know I'd be into the romance story, but I'm not sure how good of an idea it would be to drink wine and read about heartbreak.

I'd need more wine when done, that's for sure.

To make these bottles even cuter, Reverse Innovation chose textured paper for the pages so that the short stories feel like they're authentic pages from a book.

I do have some disappointing news, though: The stories are written in Italian.

So, you can do one of two things. You can either learn Italian, or you can wait until American writers hop on the bandwagon and contribute some of their own works.

Hopefully, the American writers will catch onto the trend sooner rather than later.

If they do, I'd surely become more of a wine aficionado than I already am.