Wife Attacks Husband After He Cheated With Daughter-In-Law

A video is going viral that appears to show a woman attacking her husband after finding out that he had been cheating on her with his daughter-in-law.

According to DailyMail, the shocking footage is said to be from China.

The video begins in a parking lot as a woman in green (the man's wife) begins swinging at the man for allegedly cheating on her with his daughter-in-law, who is wearing a white jacket.

What is wrong with people (him, not her)?!


The craziest part? The man's daughter-in-law is in the video, too.

She's the young woman in the white jacket literally crouching behind the man to avoid being hit by the man's irate wife.

As the man gets hit from just about every angle imaginable, his wife shouts "you're shameless" and asks him "She is your daughter-in-law. How could you do that to her?"

I'll say this, she was super nice with her language because she had EVERY right to get colorful as fuck.

Not only did this prick cheat on his wife, but he did so with his daughter-in-law... It doesn't get any weirder or any more disrespectful than that right there, folks!


The bizarre family dispute also included the presence of the man's son who shouted for him to leave numerous times. At one point, his son even throws a punch at him. Things got pretty chaotic REALLY fast.

The video was originally shared across a handful of Chinese websites and news networks where users commented saying things like "I am speechless. How disgusting it is!" and "It's even more dramatic than a TV show."

One commenter even asked the golden question: "How could they face each other in the future?"

Let's hope this family can sort out their differences. While this man clearly got what he deserved, it'd be a shame for a family to be ripped apart over one scumbag's actions.

The wild footage has been viewed over 29 million times. Check out the intense video above.

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