Sam's Club is selling a Ranch Pepperoni Pizza Dip.

This New Hidden Valley Ranch Pepperoni Pizza Dip Is The Ultimate Snack

Enjoy the dressing and ‘za combo in a whole new way.

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Courtesy of Sam's Club

PSA: Hidden Valley Ranch is giving its cult-favorite dressing a pizza-inspired overhaul — and it’s a game-changer for fans who typically pair their slices with the creamy dip. Chances are you’re probably wondering where to buy Hidden Valley Ranch Pepperoni Pizza Dip now that the ultimate comfort food has rolled out in stores. Whether you warm up the creamy, cheesy dip as a spread or use it cold with your favorite chips and crackers, this tasty combo promises to be an essential part of your snacking routine.

If you’re a fan of ranch and pepperoni pizza, you can treat yourself to the best of both worlds in one bite (or, rather, scoop) with Hidden Valley’s new Ranch Pepperoni Pizza Dip, which costs just $8.48. There’s just one caveat: The 1.5-pound offering is currently being sold exclusively at Sam’s Club locations as of July 19, meaning you’ll need to have a membership in order to get your hands on a carton until it makes its way to other retailers later this year, according to a Sam's Club representative. While you can’t order this cheesy dip online, you can buy it on Sam’s Club website for pickup at a Sam’s Club location. Make sure to follow the CDC guidelines for the most updated public health rules when shopping in-store or picking up your purchase.

If you do have a Sam’s Club membership, ready your tastebuds, because Hidden Valley’s pepperoni pizza and ranch mash-up is all about enhancing the zesty spice and cheesiness from your pepperoni ‘za with the creamy tanginess of its popular ranch seasoning. In addition to pizza sauce, pepperoni, and three kinds of cheeses (cottage cheese, cream cheese, and mozzarella), the dip also boasts notes of buttermilk, lemon juice, and spices from the ranch. The best part? There are so many different ways you can enjoy this dip.

Courtesy of Sam's Club

In addition to enjoying it as-is, you can also warm it up either in the microwave in its microwave-safe container or on a cast-iron skillet for a popular party appetizer. Instead of dipping your pizza in the ranch sauce (although you can still do that for maximum pepperoni overload), you can get the same flavors when you warm it up and spread the whole concoction on celery sticks, crackers, or bagels. The possibilities are endless, and it’s hard not to want to get creative with this tasty take on a classic combination.

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