Here's where buy Franzia Refreshers wine for a low-alcohol sip.

Franzia's New Fruit-Flavored Refreshers Are Basically Adult Juice Boxes

They all look so good!

by Daffany Chan

There’s a fruity new way to enjoy your favorite glass of vino. Franzia dropped a new line of Refreshers on July 13, which feature a combo of wine with fruity flavors. If you’re ready to try out a low-alcohol sip that puts a twist on a classic, here’s where to buy Franzia Refreshers wine.

Just in time for your mid-summer festivities, Franzia unveiled its new collection of Refreshers on Instagram, along with the caption, “Cheers to our new flavorful...Franzia Refreshers. They're a fabulous blend of wine and all-natural fruit flavor.” With a 6.5% ABV, Franzia Refreshers sets itself apart from other popular fruit-flavored wines with less sugar content, according to the brand.

Though it may have less sugar, you can certainly still expect each sip to have sweetness from its natural fruit flavors. There are four different Refreshers flavors, which each combine an OG Franzia wine with fruit. You can choose from Peach Moscato, which pairs Moscato with peach flavors; Tropical Pinot Grigio, which features Pinot Grigio, pineapple, and mango flavors; Strawberry Rosé, which is a blend of strawberry and rosé; and Wild Berry Moscato, which is a combo of Moscato and berry flavors. To top it off, the boozy sips come in 3-liter boxes that are easy to carry and perfect for sharing — each box serves 20 glasses of wine. Of course, each flavor’s unique box also features plenty of color and images of refreshing fruit for a totally ‘Gram-worthy design. You can enjoy the fruit-flavored wine chilled or over ice.


You can purchase Franzia Refreshers for your next beach day or backyard barbecue at nationwide in-store and online retailers, such as To find a retailer near you that’s selling the boozy sips, simply head to Franzia’s store locator, where you’ll be able to search for the product by flavor. It’ll cost you around $15 for a 3-liter box, depending on the location.

When heading to the store pick up some fruity wines to upgrade your summer, remember to keep in mind the CDC's most updated public health guidance.