Starbucks is teaming up with Bakkt app for another payment option.

Here’s How You Can Use Bitcoin To Fund Your Next Starbucks Run

Get a $5 eGift when you try it out.


Starbucks is making it easier to pay for your coffee runs via your digital wallet, thanks to a new partnership with Bakkt, a digital assets account. If you haven’t used Bakkt before, you might be wondering what the Bakkt app Starbucks payment option is. The app, which houses all your digital currency, i.e. any Bitcoin, gift cards, cash, and rewards, in one place, is streamlining the payment process.

Over a year after first testing the feature, Starbucks officially jumped on the cryptocurrency bandwagon on March 30,2021 by teaming up with Bakkt. Now, iOS users can connect the Bakkt app in their Starbucks app to use digital currency like Dodgecoin and frequent flyer miles to reload their Starbucks Card. So, no, you still can’t go up to your barista and pay for your Cold Brew with Bitcoin at the register, but Bakkt instantaneously converts all your digital currency into U.S. dollars to reload your Starbucks Card trough the Starbucks app so you can pay for it that way.

Unfortunately, only Starbucks customers with iOS devices are able to use the Bakkt reloading feature, but both Android and iOS users can use the Bakkt app itself to have their digital currency converted into USD for use at companies like Best Buy and Choice Hotels. To link it to your Starbucks Rewards in the Starbucks app, you’ll first need to create a Bakkt account. Once you’ve done this, iOS users can add Bakkt as a payment option by going to their Starbucks app, tapping the “Scan” icon, and then tapping “Add Funds.” Scroll down until you see the Bakkt option. Once you tap on that, you’ll be directed to sign into your Bakkt account and confirm that you want to use cash or convert Bitcoin into U.S. dollars to fund your Starbucks card, then click “Confirm.”

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To celebrate its new partnership with Bakkt, Starbucks is giving fans a sweet incentive to try it out. From July 7 through July 12, Starbucks visitors who use Bakkt as a payment option in the Starbucks app will automatically receive a $5 eGift, which should be available to use in your account within 10-14 days. So, if you have some Bitcoin lying around, it could just score you a free latte.