Graphic Video Shows Moment Wedding Dancer Shot Dead By Guest

A shocking video has emerged showing the moment a 25-year-old pregnant woman was shot dead while dancing on stage at a wedding.

Kulwinder Kaur was allegedly shot by a man who opened fire on her in Bathinda, India, on Saturday night.

She was struck in the stomach and taken to a hospital where she was pronounced dead.

There are conflicting reports as to the circumstances surrounding the shooting.


NDTV reports the victim's husband claims she was shot after refusing to join a group of men offstage.

Harjinder Singh is quoted as saying,

They had been asking her to get off the stage and join them but she refused so they shot her.

However, it has also been suggested the shooting was accidental and part of celebratory firing.

NDTV reports eyewitnesses and police agree that it was an accident during celebratory firing.

In an extended version of the video, apparent gunshots are heard well before Kaur is shot.

The Times of India reports a police are searching for a man named Billa who is wanted in connection with the incident.

Kaur was part of a four-member dance troupe up on stage performing for guests at a wedding when the shooting unfolded.


The terrifying scenes were caught on camera by someone in the crowd and have since gone viral.

The footage, which is about a minute long, opens with the group performing and the audience dancing.

Suddenly, the crowd thins out and a long object can be seen at the foot of the stage.


A blast is then captured at a point-blank range before Kaur grabs her stomach before crouching over and falling onto her side.

She is seen lying in the fetal position clutching her wound.

Wedding guests rush to her side as the scene become chaotic.

Police raids are being carried out in a bid to find the shooter, reports Times Now.

Officers are also investigating a family member of the victim as well as the owner of the venue for letting in the weapon.

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