The Weather Channel Trolls Trump's Decision To Pull Out Of Climate Agreement

Win McNamee / Staff/ Getty Images

The Weather Channel is hilariously trolling Donald Trump after his controversial decision to pull the U.S. out of the Paris climate accord.

The current homepage of the website displays breaking news about the president's decision to withdraw from the agreement above multiple articles with headlines that bluntly state why his decision will damage the planet.

Some examples are "So, What Happens to Earth Now?" and "Still Don't Care? Proof You Should."

After realizing how The Weather Channel reacted to Trump's decision, people immediately took to Twitter to commend the site's trolling skills.

The Weather Channel is not playing around today.

"Nobody trolls quite like The Weather Channel."

Yup. The Weather Channel is not "fucking around" -- that's for sure.

If you feel inclined to learn more about Donald Trump's decision to pull the country from the climate agreement, feel free to choose and article from The Weather Channel's website. They're making it very, very easy for people to comprehend how his choice will potentially harm the planet.

Aside from The Weather Channel, other people have voiced their opinions about the president's decision to step away from the climate accord -- including Barack Obama.

On Thursday, former President Obama spoke out against President Donald Trump's decision to withdraw from the Paris climate accord.

After Trump announced his decision from the Rose Garden of the White House, claiming the deal was “non-binding” and “draconian,” the former president made his opinion known.

In a statement released by The Office of Barack Obama, the former president spoke about the agreement, and said,

The nations that remain in the Paris Agreement will be the nations that reap the benefits in jobs and industries created. I believe the United States of America should be at the front of the pack.

Well, now we know The Weather Channel certainly agrees with Obama's stance.