Teesside Crown Court

Violent Pedophile Hid Girl Behind Fridge To Rape Her

Michael Dunn, 57-year-old from England, knocked down a portion of the wall behind his fridge so he could hide a girl he had been raping.

The disturbing "hidey-hole" he created helped him conceal a woman from the police on eight or nine occasions, MailOnline reports.

Teesside Crown Court

It's been reported Dunn concealed the hole in his wall by using a bag of dust and a panel, and the photos of his creation are deeply disturbing.

The woman he hid from the police with the help of this nightmarish hideaway had already suffered sexual abuse from a different man in the past and ran away from home.

Teesside Crown Court

The discovery of the hole in his wall led police to multiple other sex crimes he'd committed throughout many decades.

Teesside Crown Court heard Dunn as "paranoid, controlling and short tempered" who "had sex when he wanted," and his victims were terrified of him.

Detective Sergeant Dave Pettrick of the Cleveland Police noted his victims' fear while being held captive in the home.

He said,

Some of the victims were kept in line through Dunn's extreme violence, or even through the fear of violence, and he had complete and absolute control over their lives.

One of the girls submitted to his demands for sex and violence out of fear. He trapped her inside his house and used locks, cameras and alarms to ensure she could not leave.

Teesside Crown Court

Dunn's other victims were underage females, one of them confirmed as a pre-teen. He gave one of the females cigarettes and alcohol while sexually abusing her and raped the female who was a pre-teen.

Teesside Crown Court

As of Wednesday, January 25, Dunn was convicted of 10 rapes by the jury at Teesside Crown Court. He also faces three charges of indecent assault and three charges of false imprisonment. Dunn will stay in custody until his next appearance in court.

Dunn's reaction to his horrific actions was extremely concerning. He said,

It's what boyfriends and girlfriends do.

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