Police Caught On Video Making Up Charges For Man: 'Gotta Cover Our Ass'


Police officers accidentally recorded themselves making up charges against a protester in Connecticut, claims a lawsuit.

Three Connecticut state troopers are accused of violating the constitutional rights of Michael Picard -- a known campaigner who regularly appears at DUI checkpoints.

The video shows state trooper John Barone approach Picard and tell him he has no right to film the scene or the officers in West Hartford on September 11, 2015.

He snatches the recording device, confiscates the protester's pistol (which he has a permit for) and marches back to a police vehicle where he chats with another officer and appears to conspire against Picard.

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Master sergeant Patrick Torneo is heard saying,

Referring to a code in the police data base, Barone replies,

Sergeant John Jacobi then suggests,

Michael Picard on YouTube

He continues,

Picard, who posts videos on YouTube about DUI checkpoint rights, was hit with all three tickets and the charges were later dismissed in court.

Troopers John Barone, Patrick Torneo and John Jacobi are all named in the American Civil Liberties Union of Connecticut lawsuit.

Dan Barrett, legal director of the ACLU of Connecticut, said,

Connecticut State Police have yet to comment on the lawsuit.

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