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Alexis Jeffery Was Allegedly Strangled To Death With Her Own Jeans

After a night out at the bar, 24-year-old Alexis Jeffery was mysteriously found dead the next morning, bloodied and bruised on the banks of an Australia river with only some of her clothes on.

Now we have a clearer idea of what happened that night.

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A man named Robert Trebeck has been accused of murdering Jeffery and is currently standing trial.

The prosecution says Trebeck strangled the young mother to death with her own jeans.

According to Australian outlet ABC, those same jeans were found with blood on them in a bush near the river.

In addition, eerie footage from the night of Jeffery's murder shows the suspect walking with the woman along a sidewalk.

In the video, Jeffery can be seen walking ahead of Trebeck before Trebeck hurries his steps to catch up with her. He then appears to grab her left arm and put his right arm around her.

Jeffery was found the following morning on the banks of the MacIntyre River. There were bruises on her face and her shirt had been partially taken off, exposing her breasts.

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Prosecutor Carl Heaton described the alleged strangling for the court. Heaton said,

What is apparent is that the jeans were the murder weapon. The right leg of those jeans had been scrunched, had been placed around her face … the centre of the jeans was where the blood was … and wrapped around her face and her neck until she died.

According to the prosecution's version of events, officers saw Jeffery and Trebek getting intimate in a park during the night of her murder.

Heaton also said Jeffery was spotted a second time by an officer. This time, she was alone.

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Heaton is quoted by ABC as saying,

He saw Alexis Jeffery walking, this time apparently alone walking towards the Freedom Fuels service station … heading back towards where she had come.

In addition to the incriminating video, Trebek also allegedly sent Jeffery abusive messages hours before her death, a friend told The Courier Mail.

Trebeck continues to maintain his innocence.

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