Insane Video Shows Inmate Use Towel In Attempt To Choke Out Prison Guard

by Alexandra Svokos

A prison inmate attacked a guard in Florida on Tuesday in an incident captured on surveillance footage.

The incident happened at the Falkenburg Road Jail in Florida.

Kiondre Zachary, 22, used a towel to attempt to strangle Deputy D. Hernandez, 31, a guard at the jail in front of other inmates.

He used the towel as a makeshift rope, coming up behind him and wrapping the towel around Hernandez's neck in an apparently unprovoked attack.


Hernandez was able to escape the attempted strangling, but Zachary then tried to attack him again, appearing to try to punch him.

That's when the other inmates stepped in and stopped Zachary from further attacking Hernandez.

You can see the whole thing on video here:

Hernandez got out of the attack with a twisted ankle, bruised knee and abrasions to the neck.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office said in a statement,

Due to the overall professionalism and respect that detention deputies display towards the inmates on a daily basis, the inmates came to the deputy's aid preventing the deputy from being seriously injured.

The sheriff's office noted that guards often face dangers like this. The statement said,

This incident highlights the extreme danger the men and women working at the Hillsborough County Department of Detention Services face everyday. It also shows that because most inmates know that the deputies inside the pods are not adversaries and are treated fairly and with respect.

The attack happened at about 12:30 pm on Tuesday at the jail.  It happened in a pod with 72 inmates present.

Zachary was not injured in the incident. He was then transferred to an isolation cell.

Zachary was originally being held in the prison for burglary. But after attacking the guard, he was charged with aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer. Hernandez has been a guard at the prison for 10 months.

The attack is being investigated as Zachary now faces new charges for aggravated battery.

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