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This Victoria's Secret Model Went To Prom With A Shy Teen For The Best Reason


Being a teenager is tough. It's an uncomfortable period of life in which most of us are constantly worried about what others think of us.

One of the biggest events during these years is going to prom, which can be a nerve-racking experience.

Daniela Braga, a Brazilian Victoria's Secret model, can definitely relate to these struggles. It might be hard to believe, but she actually had trouble getting a date to her own prom.

This is precisely why she decided she would offer to be someone's prom date this year, in order to send a message about self-confidence and the importance of accepting who you are.

She recently spoke with Elite Daily about this, explaining her motivations and reminiscing on her awkward teen years. Braga said,

Braga is also really troubled by the fact that bullying has become so prevalent in the age of social media, and she wanted to do something to let teenagers know that however bad things may seem, they will get better.

She also noted she was willing to go with either a boy or girl.

She said,

Braga decided to give out her phone number and let people send their promposals directly. This was made possible by SuperPhone, a platform that allows celebrities, influencers and other clients to connect directly with their fans with a special phone number linked to their SuperPhone account.

In an email, Ryan Leslie, music producer and founder of SuperPhone, explained why he's so excited about Braga's promposal idea.

On June 13, Braga went to prom with a "shy" girl named Lani Marie (who wasn't too eager to be in any photos), and Daniela said they had a blast.

Mylez McBange

So, if you're a teenager and you're feeling a little hopeless, just remember that a Victoria's Secret Model was once in your shoes. There is a lot more to life than high school.

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