This Vibrating Bra Is Actually Supposed To Give Women Bigger Boobs

A vibrating bra that promises to make women's breasts bigger in as little as one week is being tested in America. It's called the E Bra.

Milan Milić, the inventor of the device, says it can increase a user's bra size by one cup in seven days.

He also claims his technology has the ability to make breasts perkier and bring them closer together.

If the E Bra is approved and passes various clinical tests, it could potentially enable women to seek out breast augmentation without having to go under the knife.

E Bra

Daily Mail reports the 30-year-old former engineering student was working as a security guard when he decided to research and develop the bra after his girlfriend said she wanted bigger boobs.

Though Milić is hesitant to divulge any bigger secrets about how the device works, he does claim it has something to do with the vibrating bra stimulating blood flow and increased circulation in the breasts.

Several women in Europe already tested the recently patented device while two women in the US volunteered to be E Bra's non-European guinea pigs.

E Bra

The bra actually seems to work incredibly well.

A doctor in Miami has been overseeing a 49-year-old woman, who he claims has been wearing the device for just 15 minutes a day and went from a B cup to a C cup in just one week.

Another user in West Palm Beach claims by wearing the E Bra five minutes a day, three times a day, she's also seen her breasts grow by a full cup size in just a week.

E Bra

She told Daily Mail,

I was a 36B before but now I think I'd be a lot more comfortable in a C cup although I haven't been out to buy any new bras yet. I've always had one breast smaller than the other because I had surgery. My left one is kind of squashed now in a B cup whereas my left one which used to be small in a B cup totally fills it out. It feels fuller, more full from the top to the side. I notice it most when I'm sleeping -- I wake up and go, 'Oh my boobs they hurt,' because I'm not used to having them so I get uncomfortable.

She went to emphasize the changes had nothing to do with weight gain or a monthly cycle.

E Bra

The bra is still very much under development and testing.

Milić also says he has no deal in place with any manufacturer, but a medical expert who has been doing independent trials on the product reportedly says there would need to be more extensive clinical studies in order to warrant one.

I hope everything works out; maybe change the name though from E Bra to something that doesn't sound like it was made in 1995 and comes with a free 100-hour trial of AOL 3.0.

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