Vero Is A New Social Network That Lets You Be Completely Yourself

It's always somewhat awkward when someone such as a boss or work acquaintance friends you on Facebook. You don't want them to see the pictures of you out on the town, but you also don't want to be rude and not accept. Sure, you could limit what they're able to see, but that can be a hassle. You wish you could just be yourself without fear of judgment.

A new app, called Vero, aims to solve this problem.

Its cofounder and CEO, Ayman Hariri, recently spoke to Elite Daily about the app, which launched last week. As he explained its name is actually the Latin word for "true," which reflects the sentiments behind its genesis:

I recognized that there was something broken in social, where communication was no longer at the core, and as I started talking with others about my frustrations it became clear that other people felt the same way and we sought out a way to fix it. We wanted to find a way to be true to all of our real-world relationships. Through the app, we sought to find the a way to be true to your relationships and enjoy your online interactions in a way that isn't available right now. We aim to change that.

In essence, the app seeks to humanize your online relationships. With Vero, Ayman contends, you don't have to filter your life and opinions.

Vero simplifies the process, allowing you to seamlessly choose who you share various content with. You can choose to share with distinct connection categories of Close Friends, Friends and Acquaintances.

As Hariri puts it:

Vero puts the user in the driver's seat on what information you want to share and with whom. By identifying your connections in groups of close friends, friends and acquaintances, you can remain true to the relationship you want to share with in that moment. Vero serves the needs and desires of people who want a safe, genuine reflection of their real life relationships in an online setting -- allowing you to express yourself online in a natural way. In the age of over-sharing, Vero delivers a true connection with the people that matter to you and a level of permanence in a fleeting social environment.

Simply put, the app is designed to allow you to connect with the people who are most important to you.

In a world where confidentiality is becoming increasingly elusive, Vero might be on to something.