Why I'm Hopeful UPS Will Stop Shipping Prize Carcasses

To every human being employed at United Parcel Service, I’ve come to understand that as far as paid employment goes, we all have the same end goal: to bring a paycheck home to our families.

Regardless of job title, description or pay, this is why we all punch the clock. Maybe, your family is you.

Maybe, your family is you, a spouse, several children, your mother-in-law, the neighbor’s kid and a couple dogs.

Regardless of the size or composition, your job is to provide for your family. I get it.

I understand that, as a UPS employee and human being, your job is not to pass judgment, but rather, to logistically transport shipments.

But if that shipment is an animal killed for nothing more than bragging rights, is it smart or humane to fulfill that shipment?

When the implication of that animal’s death means a frail ecosystem is further damaged, and an animal family is without a loved member, can you glance over that and say you’re just doing your job?

Can anyone in your company look past the fact that the death of this animal also contributed to the strife and burden of other humans; that it perpetuated failing economic and educational issues and blatantly took advantage of humans desperate for a better life?

In doing my job as an honest, loving human being, I am openly asking you to stop shipping trophy carcasses.

I would like you to publicly announce you are choosing to do so because there’s no logical way to take part in the destruction of families, economies and ecosystems.

Shipping these trophy carcasses has to be a minute portion of your business, as there are so few of these animals to be killed.

There is absolutely no way this type of shipment makes or breaks the UPS bottomline, which means the discontinuation will not take away from your general job description. You still bring home a paycheck to your family.

I feel taking this positive action will only increase your profits, more so than any percent profit in shipping a dead lion, rhino, cheetah, elephant or buffalo.

Create a special packaging line that donates a percent of the profits to conservation efforts, and watch the resulting brand loyalty pay you back tenfold.

Stop shipping trophy carcasses. It’s your job as a human and UPS employee.