Twin Priests Married These Twin Brothers To Twin Sisters On The Same Day (Video)


The dual wedding of identical brothers Dinker and Dilraj to identical twin sisters Reena and Reema shared much in common with a tastefully-decorated carnival.

After spending five years searching for sisters “identical enough” to wed in a joint ceremony, Dinker and Dilraj also made sure to arrange for identical priests, ring bearers and flower girls.

The Varikkasserys' guestbook, if that's a thing people still provide at their weddings, probably mostly featured entries like the following:

The 32-year-old brothers work at the same IT company, and their wives, whom the men met through a marriage portal, are both nurses.

Searching for identical twin sisters to wed was a half-decade endeavor that led Dinker and Dilraj to create the All Kerala Twins Group on Facebook, reportedly garnering 300 members but not one suitable set of twin wives.

Meanwhile, Reena and Reema were hunting for the perfect spouses with whom to celebrate their twin lifestyles.

In an interview with Daily Mail, Reena shared,

Having found perfect matches, the couples celebrated with friends, family and seven sets of twins, proving love is patient, love is kind and love is a little eerie sometimes.

See a video from the wedding below.

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