REUTERS/Columbia University

'Trump Presents The Most Beautiful Women In The World' Was Almost A TV Show


You are reading that correct: Donald Trump once pitched a TV show called "Trump Presents the Most Beautiful Women in the World."

Magical. We're not surprised, either.

The presidential hopeful outlined his idea in a letter -- provided courtesy of the Roone Arledge papers at Columbia University's library -- written on a typewriter to the president of ABC News back in 1993.

Columbia University

So what would the show consist of? Well, Donald Trump interviewing lots of beautiful women. No really, that's it.

And why? Because people love Trump, obviously. He ranted to the president about all the high ratings his various TV appearances have raked in for different networks.


Just give it a read -- it's unbelievable.

It continues,


*Stares into the distance*

We knew he backed himself highly, but this piece of egotistical nonsense is next level, and definitely the real reason typewriters no longer exist -- not computers.

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