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Researchers Reveal The Trick To Getting More Money Out Of A Job Offer

When you're trying to get a raise, it's probably best to stay professional rather than personal, right? WRONG!

According to a recent study, an important part of workplace negotiation involves getting a little emotionally manipulative. So, go ahead and bring up those student loans and your sick family members.

Research shows sharing personal information helps garner sympathy from the person in power with whom you're negotiating, and that helps you get more money or get hired for the job.

Guilt works, people. Why else do you think Sarah McLachlan sang over images of those sad, sad animals?

The study involved 100 college students role-playing as candidates or recruiters, simulating job negotiations.

Some candidates were told to stay professional and only talk about their relevant skills, and others were told to ham it up and talk about their student loans and terminally-ill mother.

The results showed the emotional candidates walked away with better deals than the professional candidates.

However, the researchers noted the emotional strategy should be used with great care, so don't just go dumping your whole life story in every meeting with your boss.

But, maybe do start opening up about yourself a bit more in the workplace because even your boss has a conscience.

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