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Transgender Man Was Forced To Remove Prosthetic By Airport Security


Airport security humiliated a transgender individual by forcing him to remove his prosthetic penis during a body search.

According to Daily Mail, the 2015 incident was featured in a complaint the Australian National LGBTI Health Alliance submitted to a senate inquiry committee on airport security.

The prosthetic in the passenger's underwear was detected when he stepped into a body scanner.

He told a security officer he is transgender, but the officer summoned his supervisor.

In the complaint, the passenger reportedly said,

The supervisor then brought the passenger into a small room and told him to sign an unspecified form.

Before conducting the search, the supervisor put on a second glove.

When the passenger asked why this was necessary, the supervisor reportedly responded,

The passenger was instructed to remove the prosthetic and put it on a tray before the supervisor administered a pat-down.

The passenger reportedly explained,

The passenger allegedly went on to say even though he "developed a thick skin" due to "some very confronting situations in the past," the supervisor's treatment made him feel "incredibly degraded" and "anxious about [traveling]."

The LGBTI Health Alliance said in a statement the passenger's experience served as an example of "pervasive discrimination against LGBTI populations" by airport security.

The senate inquiry committee addressed in the passenger's complaint will release a report on the incident in May.

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