Bullies In Wales Leave Boy With Serious Injuries


The family of a bullied teenager in Bridgend, Wales, recently released shocking photos of the young man after he was attacked on his way home from school.

In the photos, his face is bloodied and extremely swollen. The young man, 15, was reportedly taken to the hospital with a suspected broken jaw, according to Mail Online.

The photos were shared on Facebook by a friend of the young man's mother, with the caption,

As of Tuesday, February 14, the post with the photos has been shared over 8,000 times.

WARNING: The following images are graphic.


This incident is disturbing not only in terms the physical injuries the boy endured, but also because of the well-documented psychological impact of bullying.

According to the Centers for Disease Control And Prevention,

Bullying might seem like a normal aspect of how young people interact, but it has serious consequences.

According to a spokesperson for the South Wales Police,

Let's hope this young man's injuries heal quickly and he isn't too traumatized by what occurred.

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