This Upsetting Burning Man Photo Will Make All Your FOMO Disappear

by Talia Koren

If you're one of those people who can't even stand 30 minutes of traffic, then Burning Man is not for you.

See, Burning Man is all fun and drugs until people start to leave.

You see an aerial shot of the traffic on Sunday night as 70,000 Burners made their exodus out of "the city in the desert" below.

Imagine sitting in that after a whole week of partying in super hot, dry and dusty desert, known as the playa. This photo seriously makes me happy I wasn't there.

What was the hold up this time? A 17-year-old girl was missing, causing a nine-hour gridlock situation. Nine. Hours.

She was found later in the playa. What a 17-year-old was doing at Burning Man, I don't know, but she's now, by far, the coolest teen in the country -- except the fact, well, now everyone at Burning Man is pissed at her.

You can imagine the collective groan among the thousands of Burners, sitting in their cars, when they saw this tweet from @bmantraffic, the Twitter account dedicated to letting Burner's down with bad news.

Keep in mind, nine hours is longer than a regular workday but with no bathrooms and in a desert.

But it's not like the trip out of Black Rock City, Nevada is ever a quick one. Here's a tweet from Tuesday, as people are still leaving.

So I'm sure some Burners are pretty used to the traffic. But this time it was so horrendous, people missed their flights home. Some were pissed, and some embraced the situation and used the time for sleep or more partying.

Personally, I'm cool with never experiencing Burning Man once in my lifetime. Six or more hours of my life sitting in traffic are better spent somewhere else.

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