If You're A Weed Smoker, These Are The 10 Best US States For You To Live In

by Sean Levinson
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If you're a pothead looking to relocate, the best places to continue your favorite pastime may surprise you.

Estately determined which states possess the most enthusiasm toward marijuana based on each state's marijuana laws, amount of regular users and the level of interest its citizens publicly expressed for sweet Jane.


The blog gave each state a score from 1 to 100 for the following five criteria:

1. The percentage of residents who reported smoking at least once in the last month, based on information provided by Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

2. The average cost of high- and low-quality marijuana, with information provided by

3. The Google searches related to marijuana, as seen by Google Trends.

4. The legality of recreational or medicinal marijuana, as reported by Drug Policy Alliance.

5. The publicly expressed interested in marijuana-themed publications including High Times, Cannabis Now magazine, 420 magazine, Cannabis Culture and SKUNK Magazine, with info gathered from Facebook user data.

All four states where recreational marijuana is legal (Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Alaska) earned scores of 100 for legality.

All states that legalized medicinal marijuana were only given scores of 66 for this same category, while states that have only decriminalized medicinal marijuana were given a 33.

If marijuana is completely illegal in your state, it earned a 0 for legality.

Here are the top 10 weed-friendly states.

1. Colorado

The first US state to legalize recreational marijuana, Colorado scored a 100 for amount of users, Google searches and legal status. Colorado also has the third most affordable marijuana in the country and the second most expressed interest in various marijuana publications on Facebook, resulting in a total score more than 70 points higher than the number two state.

2. Washington

This famously progressive haven ranks as the 10th lowest for public expression of marijuana interest, but the amount of Google searches is second only to Colorado. Washington's marijuana is apparently the second cheapest in the country, and the state reportedly commands a respectable 81 users per capita.

3. Oregon

Public expression of marijuana interest was very low for this state, in addition to Google searches, which earned it a score of just 38 in the latter category. Oregon earned a score of 100, however, for affordability. Does this mean Oregonians can buy solid ounces for, say, $200?

4. New Mexico

This state's high ranking is largely due to its score of 100 for publicly expressed interest and score of 72 for affordability. But just 7.19 percent of residents are regular users.

5. Maine

Where in the name of Bob Marley did that come from? Maine has the third highest amount of regular marijuana users in the US (over 10.2 percent of residents), and its Google searches come in fourth place. Its marijuana is the 17th cheapest in the country, but that apparently works just fine for that creepy guy who cranks out bestsellers every other month, aka Stephen King.

6. Michigan

Michigan has the 10th highest amount of marijuana users (7.95 percent of residents) but the third most Google searches. Its marijuana is the ninth cheapest, while publicly expressed interest is sixth in the nation.

7. Rhode Island

A whopping 10.8 percent of residents are regular users, and Google searches came in at number six, but residents seem a bit timid to publicly declare their love for marijuana, with the state scoring just 35 in this category. Prices are the 22nd cheapest with a score of 51, though this seems just a little higher than the average score for the US in general.

8. California

California has the fourth lowest prices, but just 6.97 percent of residents count themselves as regular users, which isn't such a surprise considering this state is so big. But still, you have to wonder if these people even know they live in what may be the source of the best weed on the planet?

9. Vermont

Vermont senator and Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders claims to have only smoked pot a few times in college, but Vermont has the second highest amount of regular users in the country -- an incredible 10.69 percent of local residents. Google searches are higher than 41 states, possibly due to residents trying to find cheap bud since prices are higher than all but 13 other states.

10. Arizona

Arizona doesn't have many pot smokers, coming in at 15th with 6.61 percent of residents. It appears to have just made the top 10 primarily because of its fifth-ranked publicly expressed interest and 11th-ranked affordability.

Here's the rest of the top 15.

11. Nevada

Users per capita: 29 Google searches: 49 Legal status: 66 Public interest: 45 Affordability: 68

12. Alaska

Users per capita: 64 Google searches: 53 Legal status: 100 Public interest: 26 Affordability: 3

13. Massachusetts

Users per capita: 74 Google searches: 32 Legal status: 66 Public interest 17 Affordability: 41

14. Montana

Users per capita: 55 Google searches: 38 Legal status: 66 Public interest: 33 Affordability: 36

15. Connecticut

Users per capita: 38 Google searches: 28 Legal status: 66 Public interest: 34 Affordability: 43

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