Tinder Introduces 'Super Like' To Make It Easier To Find Your Soulmate

It can be hard to accurately communicate via text, and it's even harder via an app in which your only options are to like (swipe right) or pass (swipe left).

Without body language and tone of voice, the recipient of your message can take your words (or likes) to mean anything -- and sometimes, people get the wrong impression.

Leave it to Tinder to find a solution.

This week, the dating app unveiled the “Super Like” (swipe up) function, designed to help users tell others they're really interested — as opposed to just kind of interested — in getting to know them.

Profiles of those who super-liked you will be tagged with a blue footer; likewise, if you super-liked anyone, he or she will see the same marking on your profile. The dating hierarchy just keeps getting harder, doesn't it?

To keep people from abusing the feature, Tinder implemented a policy of one Super Like per day, meaning you can't go around super liking every guy with a six pack or every girl with a nice rack.

It's meant, truly, for special someones, which is a pretty romantic departure from Tinder's notoriously slimy reputation.

Currently, the feature is only available in Australia, but it should be introduced globally in the near future.

Check out the (needlessly dramatic) video below for more info.

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