These People Met On Tinder And Then Went To China For The Cutest Reason


In an alternate universe where people use Tinder to make travel plans and KAYAK's website to share dick pics, two lovers met their matches.

In a post on Reddit, user lagger wrote,

The redditor, Thomas Gallagher, included a snap of his convo with his match, Grace, as proof.

In replies on the thread, Gallagher explained he and Grace spoke for a month before committing to an in-person meetup.

The pair's first date went so well, Grace and Thomas became airport regulars.

Gallagher shared,

The couple's meet-cute story -- along with the videos posted by Gallagher of himself, Grace and his nieces -- stands as a reminder there is one instance of genuine human connection for every 100 (200? 9,000?) creeper stories that crawl from the sewers of Tinder.

Gallagher explained,

Thus, the bar is forever raised for Tinder users.

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