Man's Super Tight Skinny Jeans Actually Rescued Him From Being Robbed

One Brooklyn hipster escaped a would-be robbery by the seat of his pants -- literally.

German Sent, 27, was walking to his apartment in Bushwick after a night out about two weeks ago when three people approached him and attempted to steal his phone and wallet.

What robbers weren't prepared for was how damn tight their victim's pants would be.

That night, Sent was wearing his trusty Kenneth Cole skinny jeans, which were apparently so formfitting they kept the muggers from being able to remove his things.

After a few minutes, the thieves gave up.

Sent talked to the New York Post about his “hilarious and scary” ordeal and claiming his first thoughts were,

I'm glad I put these jeans on today, because they're really saving all my stuff right now.

Talk about good luck.

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