This Man Gets Paid To Wait In Line And Probably Earns Way More Than You

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I bet you never thought it was possible to make a living off standing in line for strangers, did you?

Well, surprise! It definitely is... so you can quit your day job, now.

A genius in New York City is making a lucrative salary from line-sitting, which is essentially the act of sitting (or standing) in long lines for people who'd rather explore the city than wait.

Meet Robert Samuel, the founder of Same Ole Line Dudes.

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"Same Ole Line Dudes" is a professional line-sitting company located in New York City that Robert Samuel created by accident when the iPhone 5s came out.

Samuel knew there'd be a craze for the new device, so he posted an ad on Craigslist and offered to wait in line for someone's phone.

Little did he know, his Craiglist ad would be the start of a flourishing line-sitting career.

Samuel reminisced about the first day he waited in line for money during the iPhone 5s release, telling Elite Daily,

I ended up selling my spot, got around again and sold a couple more spots... and had $325.

"And the rest is history."

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I told you, this guy is a genius.

Oh... and if you think $325 is a lot, get this: Robert once made $14,000 in one day waiting for iPhones.

Yup. He made $14,000 in one day by standing in line for strangers who didn't want to wait in line themselves.

Let that sink in.

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Since the day Samuel first posted his Craigslist ad, his company grew -- and he now manages 20-30 "dudes" who help him wait in line for his clients.

Some of them are friends he went to school with, and some of them are people he's met on the street who admire his work.

In case you were wondering, these dudes are just as successful as he is.

His team averages around $2,000 a week in line-sitting revenue.

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But, how?

Apparently, there are a few factors that determine how these dudes are paid.

For the first two hours, employees of Same Ole Line Dudes charge $45, and then $10 for every additional half hour.

However, if you give them short notice or the weather is bad, they will charge you additional fees -- rightfully so.

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Elite Daily asked Samuel what the most popular things the "line dudes" stand in line for, and his answers totally make sense.

He said, "The most popular things that line dudes are waiting for are Dō Cookie Dough.... 'Hamilton' is huge."

As grueling as line-sitting for tourists might sound, there are perks to waiting for popular events such as these.

For starters, Samuel has already seen "Hamilton" seven and a half times due to a recent line rule that states if you buy a ticket, you must see the show.

That sounds worth the wait to me.

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Samuel and his team do far more than just stand in line, though.

On top of standing for hours and hours straight, they'll even deliver the goods they've been waiting in line for to their customers if the client pays for transportation.

Samuel said,

I delivered Cronuts to Baltimore, Maryland. The customer paid for Bolt Bus three and a half hours each way. We delivered cookie dough via Amtrak to Providence, Rhode Island.

Samuel admitted his business is "very profitable," and that he doesn't mind waiting in lines for people in order to make his lucrative income.

While some people would probably lose their minds waiting in lines for strangers, Samuel said he keeps himself preoccupied with books, phone apps, music and conversation with his "line family."

Based off his business's rapid success, it's fair to say he won't be giving up his line-sitting profession anytime soon.

Samuel said,

There's a beauty in being your own boss. If I want to work, if I want to go out and do a line to make extra money, then I can go do that. If I don't, and I want to share the wealth with my team, then I can go do that.
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Next time you're waiting in a long line and would rather be doing something else, you know who to call.

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