New Throwback Bazooka Packs Are Here To Fill Your Snack Stash With So Much Nostalgia

Courtesy of Bazooka

Back when I was a kid, I remember going to the grocery store with my mom and picking out packs of gum whenever we were in the checkout line. Before my go-to flavor was mint, I'd stock up on Bazooka Bubble Gum. I don't think the packs that I chose back then had the classic '80s design on 'em, but they were still delicious. TBH, thinking about them makes me feel pretty dang nostalgic. Thankfully, a new Bazooka Throwback bubble gum pack is on the market, which means you can feel the same type of nostalgia with every trip to the grocery store. In other words, make room in your snack stash for the ultimate #throwback candy — because Bazooka Joe is back in action.

Bazooka Candy Brands announced the arrival of its Bazooka Throwback pack on Thursday, April 4. According to a press release emailed to Elite Daily, the new nostalgia-inducing pack has an '80s-themed design that was inspired by the gum's original packaging. As you can see, the front of the Bazooka Throwback pack features a blue bottom and a red top. In between the colors, "Bazooka" is written in the brand's classic font in both red and blue lettering. The top lefthand corner of the pack says "THROWBACK," so keep that in mind when you're scanning the shelves for pack of your own.

Courtesy of Bazooka

So, what's inside of the Bazooka Throwback pack? According to Bazooka's press release, not much has changed between the OG packs and the new ones. If you give the nostalgic case a try, you'll notice that there are six sticks of gum inside of it. Per Bazooka, those sticks of gum have the "Original" flavor, so don't worry about chewing on something that tastes totally different.

To give the pack even more of a "throwback" feel, each piece of gum is wrapped in "Bazooka Joe & His Gang" comics that also have a Bazooka fortune on them. In other words, you'll get to take a trip down memory lane while you're chewing on your favorite flavor. There is one difference between the OG comics and the comics in the Bazooka Throwback packs, though. According to the company, each new wrapper has a code that customers can enter on for even more surprises.

That's a lot of cool features for a simple piece of gum, don't you think?

Matt Nathanson, Bazooka Brand Manager, talked about the new packs in a press release. He said, "We are excited to offer our consumers a trip down memory lane with Bazooka Throwback. This new product is a great tribute to the bubble gum brand that has been cherished for generations by kids of all ages."

I don't know about you, but I'm excited to break into a Bazooka Throwback pack of my own. If you are, too, rest assured that they're now available at various retailers nationwide. Some of those stores include Cracker Barrel, Kroger, Party City, and Family Dollar. However, more retailers should be stocking up on Bazooka Throwback packs throughout the year, according to Bazooka.

With that being said, get ready to replace your go-to minty gum packs for Bazooka's nostalgia-inducing offering. Happy #TBT.