Dying St. Bernard With Bone Cancer Plays In The Snow One Last Time (Video)

I strongly suggest locking yourself in a bathroom stall at work before watching this video because you are going to cry very hard and very ugly after it's over.

The owners of Sophia, a giant, lovable St. Bernard, got heartbreaking news two months ago when their beloved dog was diagnosed with a terminal case of bone cancer.

Knowing there wasn't much time left, owner Alyson Page set out to try and find a way to give Sophia one last memorable day on Earth.

Page told the Press Association,

She absolutely loves the snow... I've been searching for ideas, just something to make the last time that we've got with her really special, because she's been such a special dog.

The determined owner contacted Chill Factore, an indoor ski slope in Manchester, to ask about taking Sophia to play around in the facility's artificial snow before having to say goodbye.

Right before Sophia was scheduled to be put down, Chill Factore replied back to Page saying she was welcome to bring Sophia over for one last snow day.

Sitting with her dog, she said,

She's not really shown any interest in anything for a good couple of weeks now, so just to see her with a waggly tail and diving around in the snow... it's just been amazing.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to play some Sarah McLachlan and stay in the fetal position for the next four hours.

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