Teens Shoot Girl, 'Wanted To Get Rid Of Her' For Sending Too Many Snapchats

Fox 13

Two teenagers have been accused of attempted murder for allegedly shooting a 14-year-old girl after she was said to have been contacting one of them on social media too frequently.

According to Fox 13, two Utah teens, both 16, are responsible for allegedly shooting Deserae Turner in the back of her head before leaving her to die in a nearby canal. Turner apparently considered the boys to be friends of hers.

However, that's hard to believe since they allegedly shot her for contacting one of them on Snapchat too much. According to Sheriff Deputy Brian Groves, the teen boys were bothered and annoyed by Turner's messages on Snapchat.

They literally said they "wanted to get rid of her."

Groves said one of the boys first began joking about killing the 14-year-old Utah girl. It wasn't until the boy's friend said, "It would be pretty easy to get rid of her," that they decided to actually carry out the brutal assault.

According to social media messages between the boys, they had been planning the heinous crime for several weeks.

The report states the two teens were planning on slitting Turner's throat before they decided to use a gun instead. Finally, on February 16, the boys lured Deserae Turner to a canal where they allegedly shot her in the back of her head.

They allegedly stole her backpack, her money and fled the scene as she laid in the ditch for several hours. She wasn't found until the early morning hours on February 17.

Police first suspected Turner was solely targeted for her valuables, but recently discovered that was not the case.

Detectives spoke to Deserae at her bedside in the hospital. After they explained to her what had happened and revealed that her so-called friends were responsible, she was said to be "in disbelief."

As of right now, Turner is said to be fighting for her life at a hospital in Utah.

The two 16-year-old boys are currently being investigated for the crime. On May 8, a court hearing will decide whether or not one of the suspects will be charged as a juvenile or an adult.

The second suspect will have a preliminary hearing this month.

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