Eerie Video Shows Teens Stumble Upon Dying Man Trapped For Weeks In Hole

by Alexandra Strickler
Daily Mail/The Plymouth Herald

A missing man on the brink of death was discovered inside of a hole in the forest by two British teenagers.

James Thompson, 51, had been missing for a month when Izaak Eglington-Watts and his best friend Emily Thompson found him while walking through the woods in Plymbridge Woods, Plymouth, Devon.

The two teens noticed a dark, abandoned chamber they hadn't seen before, and jokingly yelled into it.

When Eglington-Watts, a 19-year-old trainee teaching assistant, first began to shout down into the hole, he thought the man's replies were his own echoing voice.

Soon, though, he realized James was yelling back to him, asking for help.

Plymouth Herald

Eglington-Watts described the incident,

I thought I would poke my head inside, and then I started shouting 'hello' to hear it echo. I then climbed down into it and asked Emily if she wanted to come in as well, but she said no. 'Then I climbed up into another section which lead into another hole and shouted hello again, which is when I got a reply back. It obviously scared me as it was pitch black down there, and all I had was my phone flash, but I couldn't really see anything.

Though the teen was initially quite terrified by the whole ordeal, he was relieved knowing James could now be brought back to safety.

Eglington-Watts added,

His family must be over the moon. He is safe and well now.

Somehow, the 51-year-old had managed to survive inside the hole for two weeks.

According to, police say James had been missing for a month and was living in the woods, when he suddenly hurt his ankle and slid into the hole.

The officers on the case believe he was just days away from death, but thanks to the two teens, he is now safely recovering from his injuries.

A police spokesperson commented on the situation,

He was so emaciated and dehydrated that if he had been there for another couple of days he might not have survived. He is very, very lucky he ended up being found when he was.

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