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Teens Charged For Dragging Girl From School For Sex

Several teens from Cypress Springs, Texas, have been accused of kidnapping after they dragged one of their fellow classmates out of school to have sex with her.

According to police, 18-year-old Justin Broadway, 17-year-old Ryan Jeng and 18-year-old Imanuel Rizig are the three Cypress Springs High School students who have been identified as the kidnappers.

The Houston Chronicle reports that an 18-year-old girl alleges she was walking to class on November 28 when she was abducted by a male student.

Harris County Sheriff's Office

The school's surveillance cameras capture show the girl being grabbed by the man and dragged through the hallway of the high school before the she was finally forced into a vehicle waiting outside.

According to the victim, the other male students were already inside the vehicle.

The three students then brought the girl to a home, where she claims they tried to force her to have sex with them.

Harris County Sheriff's Office

However, the girl wasn't accepting this sick plan they had for her.

She turned down their sexual advances and fled from the home.

News station KTRK reports that another student from Cypress Springs High School told police that he had overheard the three suspects talking about "flipping" the abducted girl prior to the incident.

If you're not familiar with this term, it basically means having sex with a person before passing him or her to another person for sex.

Harris County Sheriff's Office

School district officials are cooperating with police and told the Houston Chronicle, "We are extremely concerned by the serious nature of the charges that lead to the arrest of three Cypress Springs High School students."

Cops have since tracked down all three men and arrested them for the alleged crime.

Harris Country Police charged Broadway and Jeng with aggravated kidnapping last week, while Rizig was charged with the same crime on Tuesday, December 6.

Bail was set to $30,000 for all three men. Jeng was released after posting bail, however, Broadway and Rizig remain in police custody.

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