Teen Sentenced To 9 Years For Killing Mom After Watching ISIS Videos

A Danish teenage girl who stabbed her mother to death after watching a series of ISIS beheading videos was reportedly sentenced to nine years in prison.

According to Danish news website The Local, in October 2014, then-15-year-old Lisa Borch and her 29-year-old Islamist boyfriend, Bakhtiar Mohammed Abdullah, murdered Lisa's mother, Tina Römer Holtegaard.

The two killed Holtegaard while she was asleep, reportedly stabbing her at least 20 times in the process.

The incident happened in her home in Kvissel, which is located in the Danish north.

Though both claim the other was responsible for Holtegaard's death, Abdullah was sentenced to 13 years for his involvement in the crime.

Local media reports Borch's stepfather said she was obsessed with the terrorist group. He also reportedly said he is afraid she may become more radicalized in prison.

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